Non stretch red embroidered tulle lace. This lace is directional. Sold only in two symmetrical pieces, 15.5 cm (6 1/8 in) wide.


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This wide lace trim is non stretch / rigid.

Red tulle lace has a floral embroidery on one side. There is a slightly sparkling red metallic thread in the embroidery outlines.

This is a directional lace and sold only in two symmetrical pieces.

For example, if you buy 1 meter of the lace, you get two 0.5 meter pieces with symmetrical pattern. On both pieces the pattern runs in opposite directions.

Ideal for designs that needs symmetry, like bra cups.


Total width: 15.5 cm (6 1/8 in)

Pattern width: 13.5 cm (5 1/4 in)


Please note that the color of the items may look different depending on your monitor settings.

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