Soft and lightweight bra tulle fabric


This lightweight nylon bra tulle fabric is fine and delicate and has honeycomb (hexagonal) structure. It is softer than other types of tulle.

The tulle is non stretch in lengthwise and has mechanical give in crosswise direction. You can use a double layer of this tulle with the grain running in opposite directions for extra stability and support.

It can be used for making or lining the bra cups and frame, sheer panels, or even for tulle skirts and veils.


Available colors and width:

– light skin -165 cm (65 in)

– black -145 cm (57 in)

– dark chocolate brown -130 cm (51 in)

– raspberry red -130 cm (51 in)


Composition: 100% polyamide (nylon)


Weight: 25-29 g/m2 (GSM)


Sold by:

– 50 x 65-82 cm = 19.7 x 25.6-32.3”

– 0.5 m = 0.55 yd

– 1 m = 1.09 yd


Manufactured in EU


If you order more than one quantity you will receive it in one continuous piece.

Please note that the color of the item may look different depending on your screen settings.


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